Minnesota Carry Permit Shooting Qualification


You must use a handgun capable of firing five shots without reloading. Single-action revolvers (cowboy-style) are discouraged due to reloading time. Tiny "pocket pistols" (.22, .25 and .32s) are discouraged because they are difficult to shoot accurately.


If you bring a semiautomatic, at least one spare magazine will be helpful.


If you do not have a suitable handgun, you can rent our .22 revolver or semiautomatic for $15, ammunition included. The range rents a variety of larger caliber handguns for $15, but you must also purchase their ammunition (~$15-20 additional).


You will need 30 rounds of ammunition for the test. No steel or aluminum cases. Bring your own or purchase at the range.


A baseball cap (worn properly) is recommended to prevent ejected cases from falling behind your safety glasses.


You will need eye and ear protection. Bring your own or we have safety glasses ($5), earplugs (free) and muffs for sale. Standard muffs and safety glasses are also available at the range. They may or may not charge a rental fee depending upon phases of the moon.


You must demonstrate safe handling at all times. If you point a firearm at anyone, at any time, for any reason other than genuine self-defense, you will be dismissed immediately. No excuses. No retest. No refund.


A major safety violation or repeated minor violations will constitute a FAIL even if you otherwise achieve a passing score. A negligent discharge is an automatic FAIL:

1. You MUST be wearing eye and ear protection before you enter the range.

2, No uncased or unholstered firearms off the firing line.

2. Keep muzzle pointed downrange at all times.

3. Keep finger off trigger at all times.

4. Do not load firearm until given the order to do so (loaded magazines O.K.)

5. Do not fire until given the order to do so.

6. Cease fire immediately if ordered.


We use a full-sized (25x38) silhouette target: photo


Aiming point is the lightest colored oval in the center. The next oval out, slightly darker, is the 5-point ring. Any shots inside this area, including the center, are five points. One point reduction as shots progress outwards to successively darker areas. Any shots outside the silhouette is a FAIL (injured bystander). You can go to the end of the line and shoot again. A second fail on the same day means you need more practice. Schedule a retest.


You will fire two stages:


Stage 1, Part 1: 5 yards (15 feet)

On command, load and make ready.

On command, fire five rounds in fifteen seconds.


Stage 1, Part 2:

On command, load and make ready.

On command, fire five rounds, reload, fire five more rounds in one minute.


Stage 2 is identical to Stage 1, except target is moved back to 7 yards (21 feet).


You must score 105 out of a possible 150 points. If you can group smaller than a turkey platter near center of mass, you will pass on score.


No head shots.

No shots off silhouette.

Raise the gun to the target, do not raise gun above target and "draw down".


Please contact us if you have any questions.