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Conceal and Carry – Concealed Carry – Carry Permit

NEW! Reduced Class Rates – MN Course $99

We are not the cheapest class available, but we do more than qualify you for your permit. We also provide valuable information to keep you out of prison and reduce your civil liability. You could trade a few dollars on a cheaper class for decades in prison and/or a multi-million-dollar lawsuit. We provide resources to help protect you from both.

NOTE: Our course could be cheaper than a free course! We offer some options in class that could save you enough money over five years to cover the cost of training, permit application fees, refresher training and permit renewal fees.

Carry authority in ~40 states is possible from our one-day course. See Permits Honored page for details.

Our classes qualify WI residents for a WI permit.

Our hearts go out to the folks in Orlando.

Many are clamoring for increased background checks and other “gun control” laws. The criminal PASSED the background check!

“That did not work. Let’s do more of it!” This is insanity at best.

What DOES work is when criminals suspect that they might meet armed resistance. Repeal the laws and rules that prohibit law-abiding citizens from carrying firearms anywhere. That possibility will keep all of us safer than any law.

Minnesota’s “No Guns” signs do not legally prohibit firearms. They do invite criminals. Learn why.

Carry Permit Courses: Our carry permit course cuts through the B.S. Our goal is to qualify you for permits and prepare you for lethal AND legal encounters. Instructor accomplishments and “war stories” only make the class longer. Approximately five hours in the classroom and ten minutes on the shooting range could qualify you to carry in multiple states (Utah Supplement adds six to MN authority). Students are not required to be expert shooters, but you must pass the shooting test (see links, below). Permit Course fees include all expenses except firearm (rentals available), 30 rounds of ammunition, transportation and permit application fees. Our MN Course is for both new students and those renewing their MN permits. Our prior MN Course students returning for renewal enjoy a discount.

Our Basic Handgun course is not required unless you have little or no familiarity with handguns; however it is highly-recommended for anyone. A refresher on fundamentals is always a good investment.

The Utah permit is an excellent value. Non-resident permit valid in 31 states, (no longer valid in Minnesota) and renewal is only $15 every five years. Please consider taking the Utah Supplement Course. It only adds 60 min. to the classroom time and it is a one-time class.

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MN Course Details, disqualifications and shooting test.

UT Supplement Course Details and disqualifications

There are less expensive courses, but you will end up paying more

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Basic Handgun – Safety & Handling Course: For those who have minimal or no formal training in the safe and proper operation of handguns. All expenses except transportation are included in the course fee; including firearms, ammunition, targets and range time. This is an excellent course even if you don’t plan on carrying a firearm.

Basic Handgun Course details

Course Location: Most regular classes are in our Circle Pines classroom, five minutes from the indoor shooting range. When you register with MasterCard/Visa/Discover/PayPal, you will receive an email providing you with pertinent details including exact location and driving directions.

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